Nonprofit and Ecclesiastical

Oseran Hahn’s nonprofit and ecclesiastical (church) law practice focuses on the specific legal needs of faith-based organizations, including but not limited to churches, schools (preschools, k-12 schools and colleges), parachurch and auxiliary ministries, and clergy across the country. Our national nonprofit practice is led by shareholder Caleb Stewart, who has a deep understanding and history within the church.

Our nonprofit practice is dedicated to building lasting relationships and partnering with those in ministry by serving them with excellence, integrity and innovation. Our mission is to see your ministry and nonprofit thrive. One of the primary ways we effectuate this goal is by providing ongoing legal counsel to our nonprofit clients, addressing day-to-day issues so that nonprofits and ministries can be proactive in protecting, preserving and promoting their ministry in a secular world.

Our work with nonprofits includes the formation of new nonprofits and advising existing nonprofit entities. We advise our clients on a broad range of legal matters, including general corporate and business matters as well as a vast array of other issues that involve a keen understanding of ministry, polity and mission; these issues often require a depth of knowledge not just of the law, but of the organization and its constituents as well.  Our firm assists in conducting legal compliance reviews, drafting policies and procedures, designing safety and training procedures, employment practices and termination procedures, interpreting state and federal law regarding operations. We also assist nonprofits and ministries in navigating complex business transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, financing and disposition of real property, advising regarding construction related matters, property disputes and property usage.

In addition to all of these things (and many more), we work to defend churches, nonprofits and ministries when disputes of all kinds arise. As trusted advisors and ministry partners, we can keenly advise on the situations as they arise. Our attorneys have considerable experience in litigating a wide variety of matters in both federal and state courts involving tax proceedings, construction disputes, commercial transactions, abuse allegations, employment disputes, contractual disputes, church splits, insurance related matters and many other general civil litigation matters related to churches and religious nonprofits.