Personal Injury

Our attorneys are very experienced in all types of personal injury claims, from minor car accidents to catastrophic life changing incidents.

We do a thorough job of investigating critical factual and legal issues. Our attorneys and paralegals are familiar with intensive medical issues and understand the process of our clients’ recovery. We act as a buffer between our client and the persons and/or insurance company involved in their claim. With decades of experience, our attorneys know how to establish and recover the true value of our clients’ claim. While we believe that litigation should be the last resort, we understand through experience that sometimes litigation is necessary to recover the actual value of a client’s claim. We are aggressive advocates for each of our clients, but we also understand the value of thorough preparation and maintaining civility and good relations with our opponents in order to maximize our clients’ recovery.

Oseran Hahn P.S. is not a personal injury “mill”. We pride ourselves on serving and assisting each of our clients in the physical recovery process as well as attempting to maximize their recovery in the claim process. We will do our best to thoroughly explain each significant step in the claim process and be responsive to each client’s calls and questions. We pride ourselves on the personal touch/contact with each client and strive to give each client the best representation possible; regardless of how big or small of a client’s claim might be.