Karen Pay

Front Desk Lead

Phone (425) 455-3900 ext. 102


Karen Pay provides support in areas of office management, accounting, and general legal assistance. She leads front desk operations and works with all Oseran Hahn Attorneys and Paralegals to ensure daily firm performance is met. Karen schedules appointments, welcomes clients, works with vendors, and manages general office responsibilities.  

Karen has worked in the field of law for over 10 years, and comes with experience in both accounting and legal assistance. Over the years she has dedicated her time to her children, volunteering in local academic and extracurricular functions.

During her free time, Karen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and skiing.

Who are your pets?
Dog named Ruby (in picture)

What is your guilty food obsession? 
Ice Cream

What is your favorite quote?
“Don’t overthink it “